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Mumford and Sons. I love the atmosphere of a concert where everyone's so excited an lovable.
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Yesssss! I love Mumford and Sons. Oh, how I want to see them in concert.
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You're a fan too @YinofYang ? I love their songs! Their lyrics are all so meaningful and the music so rich and folksy!
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Yes, very much so! I have all their albums. I love folk rock and they are brilliant! I haven't heard a song from them yet that I don't like.
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Haha, awesome! Didn't know that I can find a Mumford and Sons fan on Vingle! What's your favorite song from them? Mine's probably Lover of the Light, partly because of the amazing music video!
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Indeed, M&S fans unite! (^_^) Let's see...if I had to pick favorites, it would be "Liar" and "Home." I haven't been able to find them to purchase, which makes me sad. They're such beautiful songs with beautiful lyrics.
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