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For today's "12 Days of Kpop," the question was "who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?" But I really, really, REALLY couldn't write a card answer for that, so....

I decided to write answers for everyone :)

Find you birth month & day in the top part, and then comment what YOU did with someone under the mistletoe ^-^

Tagging some friends~ Tag others who might wanna join in!

I met Joshua under the mistletoe and he held my face gently, leaning in slowly.....and kissed my forehead.
I met Jungkook under the mistletoe, and he asked if it was okay and then he kissed me!
I met Ravi and he admitted he waited there for me under the mistletoe
I met Jimin under the mistletoe, he held my face gently, leaned in slowly... and kissed my forehead.
V, said he doesn't believe in mistletoe and kissed me anyway :)
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