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Do you recall the fashion runway debut in 2014?

Each member strut down the catwalk like a true gentlemen before they put on a delightful performance with their harmonious voice.

That's Winner.

50% Charm + 50% Sentimentalism

The boys that taught us "Not to Flirt" but they were totally flirting with us on stage.

Why? To make sure they were not overshadowed in the world of K-pop. Well, let me tell you. You won. Big time.
We think it's about time for these boys to comeback with a song that will break the ice cold winter, cuz we've been Empty without them. ;)

YG, please don't make us wait too long.

@woahdersierra Hopefully they do come out with something in 2016! Even one song will be sufficient!
I feel YG wanted to focus on iKON debut first. But they do need to put out at least two songs I miss them
@JustinaNguyen Thanks for the info! I actually heard they were supposed to comeback last month but it things were delayed. I didn't know it was rescheduled to next month. I hope it's true!
They're supposed to have a comeback next month (on the 11th?). I hope it doesn't get delayed...
@JustinaNguyen *fingers crossed*
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