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My Birthday Month!!!!!
Also the month for sweet and bubbly love songs!!!!

We Got Married


보통연애 (Ordinary Love)


여뻐졌다 (Beautiful)





This is mah jam!!!!!

3초 (3Sec)




Dumb Dumb


못난이 인형 (Broken Doll)

@RobertMarsh introduced me to this song and I love him for the intro because I totally love this song!!!!!



밥 한 끼 해요 (Let's Eat Together)

Who's seen the drama? Who absolutely loves Yoon Do Joon's character? I know I do!!!
I like the first OST better but this one is cute and the mv just adds to it.



니가분다 (She's Like The Wind)




그렇게 됐어 (It Happens To Be That Way)


미워해야 한다면 (If I Have To Hate You)


Girl Crush

So what were your favorite songs on this list?
Tagging everyone I know (tag others too)
love Ordinary Love & Congratulations <3
so I really didn't listen to much music in sept...but I love the broken doll one
>Park Kyung ft Park Boram - Ordinary Love - like the song however I don't think Borams voice goes well with his. She ruins the song for me. >Park Boram ft Zico - Beautiful - Love this song! but this came out in 2014. Jay Park ft Hoody- Solo - MY JAMM!!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Hoodys voice. ..ughhh so beautiful! The dance MV was my fave ! > Playback ft Eric Nam - Isn't There - been keeping an eye on them since their debut and I really like them and this song. > Red Velvet - Dum Dum Dum - took a couple listens to get into this song cuz it was kinda annoying but it grew on me. Their whole album is good. >iKON - Airplane - same for this grew on me after a couple listens >6 to 8 - she's like the wind - omg omg OMG! Vocals to die for! 😍😍😍 >Heart B - Beautiful - Love the song and love them ❤💜💛💚💙 >FTTS - I have the album and it's pure gold...nuff said. 😁 >Mamamoo - Girl Crush - This song gets me so hype! 🙌
dumb dumb and solo 😍
Solo, Airplane, Congratulations. and I think one video was playback's ost . the other i need to check out.
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