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1) Selfie

Yes, this is me and I do look different in both photos as they were taken in different periods of time. (the first one is more recent)

2) Dream Crush

I have 2 dream crushes ^_^
1) Lee Donghae
2) Roy Chiu

3) Current Status

Am I right?! Haha...
I've been single for like almost 4 years? Yup. It's been long but I enjoy being alone and I don't want someone to ruin it for me.

4) Most Romantic Memory or Story

Well, I don't think this is romantic, but I thought it was one of the most cutest moments for me.
So, this was in Freshman year in High School and the teacher had us sitting in alphabetical order. But because my last name is Aguilera, I'm usually the first one in the attendance. There was this guy that I was secretly beginning to like him and I felt like he did too by the way he teased me and was basically only nice to me and not other girls. Basically he treated me as if I was a porcelain doll.
One day in class, I put my feet on the baskets under the desks, but because he's the tallest in the class, he needs space for his legs and his feet accidentally hit mine so I moved them back to the floor and my feet were on the side of the desk. Suddenly, I felt his feet against mine and he was like rubbing my feet and I felt uncomfortable so I tried to move my feet again but he kept pressing my foot against the basket as he didn't want to let go of it which was weird.
I was so flustered and the worst thing that happened was that we had to work as partners... TT_TT I was so embarrassed and he kept chuckling at my cuteness.
*sighs* sadly, he fell in love with a girl and began dating in Junior year. It was such a torture, but he was the last guy I ever liked.

5) What Do You Look For In A Partner?

-I want someone who can be independent. I don't want him to depend on me too much to the point that I have to do everything for him since I'm no maid of anyone.
-He also has to be honest to me. If something I do bothers him or if he just loses interest in me, go ahead and tell me. I won't get mad nor will I question, but he must know exactly what he's doing because that'll be the last time they'll see me.
-He MUST be humorous and awkward. Those guys that pull off those cheesy jokes where only he laughs, while I look at him like he's insane.
-Also, I look more into how emotional/sensitive the guy is. Usually, those are the ones whose personalities and greed is more clear than glass (which is why Donghae has to be MINE!)

About Me

-My name is Juana Gabriela Aguilera but you can call me Gaby for short. I dislike my first name.
-I live in Texas
-I'll be turning 18 in January 7
-I was born in Mexico but basically lived my entire life in Texas
-Oldest of my siblings and the only girl (besides my mother of course)
-I know English and Spanish fluently and I learned American Sign Language to communicate with deaf-ed students in my school
-The only weirdo who likes K-Pop in my group of friends
Well, I guess that's it :)
I know most of y'all have been tagged a lot, but here ya go!
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ur so pretty!! I totally agree, having a bias is so much better than having a boyfriend 馃槀
@KpopGaby Donghae love~ lol
You're so pretty!! omg same my first bias is Donghae!
@KpopGaby I'm working on that as of now lol
@dancingdazzler awesome! Would love to see our similarities!
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