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The time for candy and costumes and stuff of that sort........but for me I had these top 15 songs to sweeten up this month for me.

노매이크입 (No Make Up)


Make Up Love

I have @RobertMarsh to thank again for the introduction to this song and this amazing artist

Love Talk

This song may not have fit in with the season very well but it fit perfectly into my heart and I loved the mv as well.



일주일 (247)


연락래 (Call Me)

I remember how hype @PassTheSuga was for this collab to happen. Needless to say that I totally love this song.

스물셋 (23)

Seeing how I turned 23 this year I totally love this song.

4 Walls

I really love the mv for this song and the lyrics are amazing.

말해 Yes or No


New Life






그아버지에 그아들 (Like Father, Like Son)




뜨겁지가 않아

So what were your favorite songs on this list?
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I love them all but I think No make up, 247, and 4 walls was my favorite
I only knew 5 of these and best believe I jammed to them all. Especially Zico, IU & f(x). Zion T & Kisum were my chill songs. The rest I need to check out.
No make up, yes or no, and 4 walls :)
OK so this one is kinda long...too many faves 😄 >Zion T - No makeup - he's got an amazing just sooths my soul. >Samuel Seo - Makeup love - never heard of him but this song is soo good. love his hair! 😀 >Kisum - Love Talk - Not fond of her voice but Hwa Sa sold this song for me. ❤ >Benzino - Break - he's so adorably weird lol. 😂 >Junggigo - 247 - yes , yes, omg yess! O(≧▽≦)O. He already has a lovely voice but paired with Zion T and Crush?..its music gold! >Lil Boi ft Basick - So damn catchy! 🙌 MV is cute and quirky. > IU - 23 - I love her and this song fits her so well it's crazy. I jam to it all the time. 😄 >f (x) - 4 Walls - catchy and fits them very well 👍..didn't care for the MV however. > Zico - Yes or No - I love anything this boy touches but this song gets me so Hype! \(≧▽≦)/ >Young lion - New life - never heard of him but I like his flow! 😀 >Code Kunst - Parachute - I love his voice! it's unique.😍 >Ven - IDKYN - 💜💛💚 love it! >N.Flying - Lonely - prob the only other song I like by them besides Awesome. >Paul Kim ft Vasco - Isn't it Hot? - Paul Kim's voice. ..ughhh ma feels.🙈 So soulful!
N flying are exceptional despite being out for a year. Zion T and Samuel Seo are amazing. I'm still trying to get into IU. Please help 😂😂😂😂