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this is chapter 2 of my fanfic. I hope you like it. chapter 1:

I like you

"I like you(Y/N)" A voice whisper in my ear. I wiggle him off me and push him away. I turn around and yell. "Yah! Park Jimin! we're you trying to kill me. do you realize how heavy you are! " "I don't think that's what you should be worried about right now." he looks at me from top to bottom, making me realize I was in nothing but a tank top over my underwear and bra, thankfully I kept my tank top on and decided to wear a long tank top today. I notice him turning red trying to look away. "what? have you never seen a person without pants, you've been to the beach many times before." "u-uh yeah but this is different, you know " "what ever." I ignore him and put on my sweat pants and sweater. he just stands by the door trying to look away and act calm. I decide to ask "why would walk in while I'm changing if your gonna react like this, and why did you hug me? " "well I wasn't thinking when I walked in, I just acted without thinking. you looked so vulnerable I couldn't help but hug you.(Y/N) I've liked you all these years since we met, but I held back because of Taehyung, but we're getting older time is running out I can't do that anymore, I'm willing to accept his anger." "why wouldn't Taehyung get angry about you liking me? " "Aish (Y/N) you are too dense. you'll have to talk to taehyung about it yourself. " the room silences for a while. "well Jimin we should get going downstairs Taehyung is probably waiting. " "wait (Y/N)!" He hugs me again. my face on his chest, I could hear his heart beating fast. "(Y/N) stay like this for a minute, please . " if felt like he has been hugging me for hours. I'm surprised at myself for not pushing him off by now. After what felt like hours he finally lets me go. he opens the door and we quietly walk out without saying a word to each other. we arrive downstairs to see Taehyung quietly watching "Doctor Who: Aliens of London" like a little child watching their favorite show. Jimin joins him, I walk into the kitchen, I see Mrs. Park making dinner. "Here Mrs. Park let me help you." "Oh thanks dear, your such a sweetheart, it would be great if Jimin could find a girl like you. All the girls who come here after him have no manners." I reply with a quiet nod. she ruffles my hair, giving me a warm beautiful smile, not surprising she is the mother of Park Jimin after all, one of the school's girl killer. "your still as quiet, which make you adorable." "I agree." Jimin and Taehyung say in unison as they walk into the kitchen. "What's for dinner mom? " "You'll find out when it's time to eat, dear." "excuse me Mrs. Park ,could I borrow (Y/N) for a bit, my mom wanted to talk to her. " "sure go ahead Jimin will help me" Taehyung grabs my wrist, gripping it tightly. he leads me upstairs to the bathroom. "Yah! Taehyung whats the deal! " he slams me on the wall, towering over over so I couldn't escape. "Yah! Kim Taehyung what's up with you now? " "I know that you were in the room alone with Jimin while you changing! " "So what?" "What did he do to you? where did he touch you? " "All he did was hug me. no big deal " "No big deal?! seriously how can you be so calm? your a girl you should be worried. " "why would I be worried? " "ahh I give up. " he lifts up my chin,and slowly gets closer. My eyes widened as he got closer. he's cheeks got redder, my heart started beating faster and faster. what is this feeling I ask myself I never felt this. His lips almost touch mine, but stopped. he grabbed me and hugged me. "(Y/N) I like you, I've always liked you since we were little, I've dated many girls but none can compare to you. " I look up at him not knowing what to say, I mean my childhood friend, someone I saw as and idiot brother, and his best friend my other childhood friend I saw as a brother both confessed to me all in the same day. "I don't expect you to answer right away. " the bathroom door opens. "Me too. "
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