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1. SELFIE Well this is Me.. SABRINA.. I'm 25 I work constantly.. But kpop is my Release and joy. It makes my life so much easier
2. DREAM CRUSH Anybody that knows me knows I'm already in a one sided love with Choi seung Hyun aka TOP bka bae also goes by Ghost, Tabi, hyung and the LOML right now.. He's Amazing in every since of the word lol.. My beautiful handsome Bingu baby.
3.Current status The pic sums it up lol
4.Most Romantic Memory. My ex boyfriend Chris. Wrote me this beautiful 3 page letter for my 23 bday (I still have it) about how I changed his life and how happy I made him and set up this beautiful hotel room with these candles and we watched movies and he gave me a body massage and we had dinner.. It was so nice.
5. What do you look for in a partner.. Well I like to laugh Ima kind of a nerd and I love kpop so anybody that deal with that deserves my love.. Am I right?
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Hello Sabrina! :) I'm also 25. And your romantic memory is so sweet. A three page love letter is definitely something to remember.