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For many of us in the 'western' world, Christmas is a time for traveling back to your hometown, eating a home-cooked meal with your family, and exchanging and opening the presents that Santa Claus gave you, all over a soundtrack of Bing Crosby and Michael Bubl茅 Christmas caroling standards.
In much of East Asia, however, it's essentially Valentine's Day on crack - a holiday for the region's couples to exchange romantic presents, eat an expensive dinner, and do an array of cutesy winter activities like ice-skating. Needless to say, in the weeks approaching December 25th, the pressure to link up is at an all-time high - and, this year, some of Japan's 'forever alone' fellows are taking a stand.
This weekend, the self-described 'Losers With Women' hosted an anti-Christmas rally through the streets of Tokyo's Shibuya district. About 20 men ranging in age held signs with slogans like "Smash Christmas!" and chanted a number of anti-capitalist phrases, making the argument that the holiday pressures not only single people to couple up, but established couples to spend money - perpetuating a very commercial-heavy cycle.
According to an anonymous member of the group, they hope to convince others that Christmas has only a greedy purpose, and that pressure on single men to find a mate for the holidays should be eliminated:

"Unpopular men, who don't have a girlfriend or are not married, are overly discriminated against. We want to break this barrier."

Allegedly, Christmas is not the only holiday the group has protested against, having held a similar rally for Valentine's Day. (What happens when one of these guys finally gets a girlfriend? Do they get kicked out? Is this like the Japanese single dude equivalent of that Puerto Rican boyband Menudo? Does any of you know who Menudo is, or are my references getting super dated?)
Anyway, now I want to know:

Do you think the 'Losers With Women' have a point, or are they simply trying to spoil the holiday fun?

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can I just say these are brave men. I mean Christmas should mean family but I sympathize with them
@CandaceJordan , @danidee ...and yes, I got the Menudo reference too :-) (I mentioned Pinky and the Brain in a comment not long ago. .and it dawned on me later that many probably had no idea who that was! lol)
They could always date each other
No our world is commercialized and the world economy would be impacted if we suddenly stopped (imo)
Christmas is obviously different there. it must have a different meaning to them. I don't if it is a religious "thing" there, it barley is here in America. We are very good at twisting beliefs... slowly not noticing how far we've strayed from what we thought was our truth. I think it is interesting how the men are discriminated against as the twist to a more commercialized holiday becomes. They are not able to be part of the culture and the holiday itself is set up to discriminate against them. And maybe the way our own Christmas is celebrated is also a commercialized, abstract, twisted version of what was so far from the original thought. That we are them evolved.
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