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Hello all! I am Jessica but my friends call me Jess. Was asked by a lot of people to do this challenge so here I go. I live in Texas! I am originally from Illinois. I have traveled all over. I love kdramas. I am a hottest and Army fan. BTS is my life. I love how hard working they are. 2pm was my first kpop so I feel I need to stay with them as well. @Emealia
Dream crush
my dream crush would be Kim Jong Kook.
I love how shy he is and he is a singer. not to mention is hot and strong!
Current Status
I have been married for the last 10 years. He hates that I am into kpop and kdramas. He gets over it though. We have a 6 year old son.
Most Romantic Moment
My most romantic moment was the first time my husband said he loved me. It was also the same night we became one person.
My Perfect Partner
My perfect partner is my best friend Elana! I have been friends with her for 19 years. Even though she doesn't like Kpop she still puts up with me. She also jams with me and watches kdramas. She is going to the Exo concert with me coming up soon. She is my sister from another mister. I love her bunches.
@InPlainSight yes it was a gift from my son he knows in love pink
Thank you
I love your most romantic moment so much....
@jessicalnichols soooo cute
@jessicalnichols Is that a raccoon toy in your selfie too?