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LOOK AT HOSHI OMFG I need a full performance of this song!♥
Wonwoo's deep voice.....omg Hoshi singing all of the chorus and being all fine . Mingyu also has a beautiful deep voice. Scoups Let's give our leader some loving Woozi's rap and Vernom being charismatic Oh my god THIS PERFECTION!!!!!
Raise your hand and foot if Woozi destroyed your life.
They are so in sync , Super Junior will be very impressed once they see this.
I was laughing so hard the whole time omgosh i'm crying Seungsoonseok This trio is the best of the best.
NOOO I was like you can't afford to stan another group but i have made an acception. They are all amazing I Don't Know Anymore Every Single One Of Them Is My Bias:) Happy Holidays Everyone^^
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Seungsoonseok is like what I live off of
and of course the whole group
but they are just too perfect together
Ugh I love HOSHI 😍😍😍