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1) Selfie

alright so this is me. my name is chris, im 18, and over the past year i have become bts and vixx trash.

2) Dream Crush

jung taekwoon (VIXX's leo) wins the cake for this. literally every inch of him is my ideal guy. like- i cant even put into words how much he alone has taken a large place in my heart and claimed it his home. hell he knocked every bias of mine out of the way so he could take first place practically. i love him the most, but the rest of vixx have a special place in my heart as well. i hope to see them live someday.

3) Current Status?

single as an old pringle and too lazy to really look tbh.

4) Most romantic memory/story?

is it a bad thing i dont really have one? lol i've never been quite good when it comes to romance so i never really made any grand gestures or had any towards myself yet. oh well.

5) What do you look for most in a partner?

what attracts me to most people is a mix of five things; -their smile -eyes -voice -sense of humor -knowledge their personallity is what makes me fall head over heals for them though. and thats only really happened once, outside of biases/kpop/fictional characters.
i'd tag but mobile is an ass and won't let me atm.
@xojuliettexox he's such a precious bab like just ugh goals he is my goals
leo is so adorable, i watched the recent weekly idol with vixx and leo is just... goodness gracious i cant explain cx