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1. Selfie hiii! my name is Juliette, I'm 16, Mexican, and i live in Los Angeles CA (: i do speak spanish, but to an extent haha cx some facts about me: science is my favorite subject (i want to major in biology) and im not very social, i would rather be alone than in a group of friends :)
2. dream crush i can't think of anyone out of kpop that im attracted to so I'll just say my lovely seokjin oppa i like how he can be awkward and cocky at the same time, he looks like a baby bunny but is also so attractive he's kind as well so that's why he's the ultimate bias
3. current status im single and plan to stay that way! i dont want a relationship until im older, maybe when I'm out of college, im just not interested in love (or people for that matter ) so i never think about it. im fine by myself ❤
4. most romantic memory or story i obviously don't have one so I'll skip this section ☺
5. what do i look for in a partner? when i think about a guy I'll be interested in, i want him to be intelligent so that i can have good conversations with him, i want him to be a little crazy (the good crazy, like hoseok ), realistic but funny (like yoongi) and just plain honest. (pictures of suga bc he's my bias wrecker cx)
We definitely have a bunch of things in common @xojuliettexox :) I was the same way when I was younger, wanted to be single until college. It definitely paid off :) Jin is so cute and he totally DOES look like a baby bunny!!! :D So glad to meet a fellow ARMY <3
@xojuliettexox really?! What!? You must go ^^ it's daebak haha :D
i live here and I've never been to korea town or little tokyo cx
Haha thanks and I live in Riverside! I love going to L.A. for Korea Town and Little Tokyo! They are amazing ^^
@RaquelArredondo what city are you in? & thanks, you're pretty too! ☺
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