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I made a un professional unpublished un official manga that the universe is probs never gonna read why? because buh buh buh boredom that's why crab hands. it's about a girl that has social anxiety and is reccomended to join this new club the A.S.H.C (anti-social-help-club) to help with her social problems and there are only 4 other members that are as well uniquely anti social and different and so the akwardness begins~ I want lasagna. . . the main character may or may not have been made with my characteristics~ so this is basically a rp or a fan fic of an imaginary life set for myself
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could it or something??
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this person did post it @Zelda27896
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@Zelda27896 I posted the first 5 pages..
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oh haha i didnt see it
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