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As stated in the last card Naruto Uzumaki was eliminated with a total of 40 votes. We are all extremely happy to finally see him go. (As far as I can see...) But as always the show must go on.
I have made some changes to the card to make it a little more understanding
The same rules apply;
1. You may only vote once
2. In that vote, you may only list one character ex.
FunnyChiz: I vote Gon. βœ”
FunnyChiz: I vote Gon, Ichigo, Sebastian, Luffy. ❌
3. Must input your vote before the deadline
4. If you have more than one character in your VOTE, your vote will be marked as INVAILD.
5. Have Fun
I will announce when voting is closed. *Be aware that the last card will be posted THURSDAY instead of SUNDAY."
Please Stay Tuned for the last and final Card of The Knockout Game and of the year 2015, I will reveal 10 brand new contestants for The Knockout Game but I need a little bit of help from YOU first! I will go further into detail when the last card is revealed. I have enjoyed your participation from day one and I hope that you will join me on the 2nd part of this fun journey.

Your Host,


I vote ichigo
natsu because ichigo gave up his powers to save everyone and everything he cared about. he risked his life and even came back to life just to get more powerful so he could save everything he cared about. he also battled a literal demon inside him that was released when someone he cared about was in danger. natsu cant even ride a train
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