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[Regularly, the Korean Alphabet is organized in 한글, or hangul. But in this case, I'm going through them by the order on the keyboard. Also, if I make a mistake, don't be afraid to comment! Before you 'report' this card: don't worry--I know the alphabet series isn't K-Pop related but it'll soon be. I'm still going over the alphabet :)]
Sorry!!! I had accidentally released the last of this series, "ㅡ", instead of releasing this one.
I'm very sorry!
Anyway, let's get started!
This letter sounds like "ah", like "AHHHH omg IT'S HAKYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!".
For all you Japanese speakers, yes, it indeed does look like a deformedト!
And for my lovely English speakers, it's just the opposite (flipped) of eo (ㅓ).

아니! (ah-ni!)

As a lot of you know... "no"!
Yell this phrase at your friends when they're being annoying to you about K-Pop!


The beautiful, singing queen :)


My pretty, stanky-faced bias from VIXX :D


Our most-used phrase...


And lastly, our beautiful country, America :)
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@Ercurrent yup :3
2 years ago·Reply
AHHHH omg IT'S HAKYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!" is THE BEST EXAMPLE EVER
2 years ago·Reply
안요하새요 아주마
2 years ago·Reply
I thought this card was yours when I saw the Aahh its Hakyeon part loool @kpopandkimchi
2 years ago·Reply