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love Jay but that song not so much. Zico and Babylon killed it BTW got that Album. and Psy killed with Daddy love it🙌💃💙
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You know stays in my head every time I listen to it XD, Daddy and Sour grapes
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>Jay park - You know - soo damn good...the beat the video ...and Okasians rap...soo sexy! XD >Zico ft Babylon - Boys and Girls - LOVE LOVE LOVE!! catchy, colorful, and just amazing! >Shin Seung Hun - Mayo - he's got an angel voice. soulful..👍👍❤ >Brown Eyed girls - warm hole - LOVED this MV. The dance and outfits were soon cute. I couldn't take my eyes off Narsha! 😀 Blue is soo her color! > Psy - Daddy - took a couple listens to grow on me but 👍👍 >Gary NJ - Hello - soo beautiful 😍😍
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2lSon - never heard of this but ...WOW! Everything about this song is wonderful.
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Warm Hole shocked me too much😂😂😂 But I love Mayo. Seung Hun fighting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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