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@TiffanyWallace Let's have a drink embarrass each other and yell random outbursts so we can be stared at by "sane" individuals trying to enjoy their meal while spontaneously spitting out our red icy drinks from laughing 馃槀PLEASE MAY I HAVE ANOTHER????!!!!!!! I can never return to Taco Bell to this day and not think of that day 馃憦馃徎 ... I need to track down Rodney.... Lol
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Omg. How did it start? @ThatRossyGirl
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@TiffanyWallace sigh... I dunno.. Laughter just started happening, and red drink was being spilt and well.. Meow lol it was all down hill from there 馃樄馃樃
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Oww haha
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Lol. Oh yeah and you wanted the same drink as me after saying you didn't want one and you didn't want to ask the lady so I had to do it for you. And I had slurped my drink by accident and someone mentioned a catwalk so I did this ridiculously pathetic catwalk with a mew and 贸h my god...we laughed so hard we couldn't breathe and tears were pouring down our faces. It didn't help when your friend started recording us. Rofl. It only made matters worse! Lol
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