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KYAAA omg ok 1) thank you so so much to all the beautiful people who tagged me I love you guys all so so much!!! 2) to be honest I don't feel too comfortable posting my face onto the interwebs but I'll still do the challenge so you guys can get to know me


My name is Tayun (pronounced like Taeyeon from SNSD/Girls Generation) I am '99er I live in NY I am a Beauty forever and ever and I support and admire all groups and singers alike because you've got to be amazing to get on that stage! My Ultimate bias is JUNHYUNG But feel free to talk to me (esp) about Beast, B1A4, Btob, HyunA, Bts, Seventeen, Big Bang, Exo, SG Wannabe, Sung Shi Kyung etc. etc. etc. IM UP FOR ANYTHING And dramas. Dramas galore. PLEASE RECOMMEND TO ME DRAMAS I WILL TRY AND GET TO THEM

Dream Crush

Well this is different from my UB (which is Junhyung no doubt) It would have to be Seungkwan from Seventeen. I'm a pretty quiet but quirky person and I feel as if having someone like Seungkwan around, a diva queen who talks a lot, he's the type of person who can get me out of my shell and, well let's face it. He's so pretty. Like hot damn.

Current Status?

Freaking about grades and ACTs and colleges Ugh But relationship wise, I guess I'm looking? I miss loving someone, but I don't miss hurting over them.

Most Romantic Memory/Story

Considering I haven't dated anyone this isn't a story of my own but... My parents got drunk on a beach once and spent the whole day looking for my mom's shoes It was cute when they told the story... Anyways...

Perfect Partner

Someone who can make me laugh. Someone I can tease. Someone I can get physical with (not in a weird way like I can punch them and they wouldn't mind, like rough housing) Someone who won't mind my constant need for confirmation. Someone who understands my insecurities. I ask for a lot hah. No wonder I'm single!!
Thank you guys again so much for tagging me!!!
@cindystran alright alright maybe I'll watch it for myself 😆😊
@StephanieDuong aw thankies 😶😶
@LexTay327 I started BOF about... two years ago. I cannot finish that. I am so tense for all of it BECAUSE ITS SO CRINGEY and my mom completely spoiled those other three dramas THANKS MOM
OMG I live in NYC too what's up fellow 99liner😂😂😂
@tayunnie true! Since you're on break, I'll give you a few dramas too if you haven't watched them yet: Boys over Flowers, She Was Pretty, Oh My Venus, Dream High I'm fairly new myself but I definitely enjoyed these
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