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1. Selfie I'm 15, from texas, and a huge kpop fan. It has literally taken over my life. I got into it march of 2015 (yes I know not very long) I'm short very short for my age 4"10. (Dont call me short just to let you know I'm small but mighty) I'm mexican and my english is bad even though I speak it since I was born so I use a lot of autocorrect. I have a accent so people at my school and stuff think english is not my first language.
2. Dream Crush This boy right here. Lee Jihoon oppa. He caught my heart and ran away with it the first time I saw him a couple months before their debut. Suga is ruining it just like eunhyuk oppa
3. Current Status I'm currently taken by a korean man jk I wish I'm single but do have a crush on a korean kid in my school. He's just so shy and cuddly.
4. Story/Memory Hmm let's see. Well I'll do a story about something in my life. Okay here it goes may gets boring. I was 10 when I started singing. I practiced for almost 6 years now. My mother finally said I could audition in September, I waited a couple months and decided to audition on my birthday. One song in english one in korean. I decided to audition to jyp and dsp. The end. I lost most of you didn't I. I apologize for my boring self, im usually real hyper and jumpy in person.
5. Partner hmm any gender really. Older, taller (they'd probs be anyways with my small self) pretty eyes I like eyes that are pretty and have a shine to them. Personality is a biggy.
More about me (If you're intrested) I've said my age okay lemme think. Oh my name is Esmymarie Martinez Contreras if you're curious cuz my user name is well something else ha. Im so funnyz not really okay I'll stop. Ima sophmore in high school, im not a fishy anymore. Im called adorable to often that it kinda irritates me a bit. Im weird totally werid, not at first but once you know me you'll think I need to be somewhere special and kept in a dark cave away from humanity. Okay thats all ima put because bless my poor thumbs.
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Jihoon is SUCH a wrecker 馃憣 he's cute, cuddly, amazing songwriter, and has such a sweet voice
Hehehe I'm fifteen too *high fives* LOL We have the same status ' currently taken by a Korean man' LOL
Hahah sweet! He must be a real sweetheart if you fell for him (your crush). You're pretty :D Jihoon is cute ^^
Thx for tagging me <3