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1). Background My name is Deidra Francis. I'm 20 years of age.... I'm a quiet person in public but a crazy person im my room (my wonderland). I'm a cheerful,caring, loving person... I think I'm fun, but my family members think otherwise ( guess i got no jams like jimin) lol... My life revolves around animes, kdramas, kpop, dancehall, bollywood movies, and action movies or shows. The thing is i love my own company, but would love life better if I had friends that i could hang out with and share my interests with... All my friends are back home in the caribbean and it is really hard making new friends. We adults tend to hide our true feelings so it's hard to trust and know who genuinely likes me and wants to be friends.. I talk to people but i keep my distance..
2). Dream crush ( Bts-Jimin and Lee Seung Gi) I have many more crushes but these 2 are the top crushes... I like good looking men dont have to be Korean, but these guys are all im exposed to, so for now their my dream crushes....
3). Current Status I am single.. I am optimistic that I will find someone soon, get married and have children, but for now ima try focus on me...
4). Most memorable gift at christmas My mom bought me a bath robe last christmas lol yes a bath robe.. it's really cute jus my style... i didnt expect any gifts since i didnt get her anything and christmas gift giving wasn't really a practice where i came from.. so that was a really nice touching gesture...
I want a man who: like suga: got swag. like jhope: my hope and rock like jin: care for me, loving and can cook like v: unique, does anything to put a smile on my face like jungkook: brave, ambitious n tries his best to excel in anything he puts his mind to. like jimin: sweet, my addiction, someone who can cause me to feel butterflies when he smiles. like rapmon: tall, manly, a leader not a follower, down to earth, intelligent.. In addition: i would like someone who i can do all the things that i love with n not feel judged, someone who is well kept and clean also someone who is really thoughtful not focused on themselves or wat they have.. Last but not least someone who is God fearing...
@RaquelArredondo @AnnahiZaragoza thanks for understanding..... yes lol, because i dnt engage in activities that they enjoy regularly.... they think im weird..@Lizzeh lol yes bts is my bias group...
BTS ftw lol. And ANIME!! OMG!! YAS!!
Thanks for tagging!! 馃槉 I probably won't be able to make a card until Tuesday or Wednesday though because I won't be stable at home til those days. I'm sorry to hear that your family thinks you have no jams :/ and that you're having a hard time making friends.. You know if you even need a lending hand I'm here to at least hear or give some advice :)
Beautiful! ^^ I loved you're ideal type of men (all of BTS) hahah that is creative cx it must've been tough to make new friends. I understand how that feels since I am currently in my 12th school.
great card
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