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I was tagged several times so I thought that I might as well do it. My name is Justina. It was supposed to be Justine but my mom made a mistake when the nurse asked her what she wanted to name me. I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm turning 18 next May. 1. Selfie! That is what I look like in the most natural state that anyone outside of my family will ever see (only wearing foundation and lip balm)
2. Dream crush I honestly have a ton of dream crushes but I'll limit it to four. Mino: Song Minho is honestly one of my favorite idols. like he's adorable and sexy at the same time and it's too much for me to handle. Plus he has a heart of gold. Suga: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Yoongi is my spirit animal. From what I've seen in videos he's almost exactly like me but with swag. He's my #1 bts bias wrecker. Lee Hyun Woo: I saw him in to the beautiful you and fell in love. Park Bo Gum: He and Hyun Woo look so similar lol. I've been crushing on him lately because of his character in reply 1988.
3. Relationship status Same hanbin, same. Although, I did have a couple of opportunities to be in a relationship I just wasn't interested. Now that I kind of want a boyfriend all of the guys that used to like me have girlfriends. It's ok though since I'm honestly not over the last guy I liked (even though it's been 2 years).
4. Most romantic memory/story (2 in 1 story) Back in my freshman year when I for some reason had a considerable amount of admirers. I'm honestly not sure why though cause I was a total loser back then. Anyways, it was Valentine's Day and at the time one of my brother's friends and I had this running joke about the two of us being married so during lunch I walked by the spot where my brother hung out and he (my brother's friend) ran up to me with chocolates and half a dozen roses and asked me to "marry him". I said yes to keep up the joke. After lunch ended I went to 6th period and there was this cardboard box on my desk with a post it note that said "open me". So I opened it and a balloon came out of it and there were some roses inside along with a note that basically said that I was cute. After freshman year I guess I became as attractive as a rock because guys don't even look at me as anything more than a bro anymore. I've become a universal "bro" guys.
5. What I look for in a guy 1. he must be able to make me laugh. a guy with a good sense of humor is really sexy. 2. Faithful/good personality/honest 3. My parents have to like him. I honestly don't have a very good sense of character so I've had some pretty shady friends in the past. my parents would probably be able to tell if a guy is good for me. 4. This isn't a requirement but I would prefer if he's at least 5'8" so that I can wear heels and still be shorter than him. 5. idk he just had to be able to understand me. like if I one day start acting like a 4d alien he should just be able to brush it off and realize that it's just in my personality to be weird. he also has to be ok with me playfully insulting him because that's like half of what comes out of my mouth. 6. This is very important! He has to be smart and driven. I don't think I could be with a guy who doesn't have passion in whatever he decides to do for a career. I also need to be able to have intellectual conversations with him every now and then.
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@RaquelArredondo haha thank you. I was really surprised. it would've been better if the guy who gave me the flowers and balloon didn't also give gifts to a billion other girls though
Wow you're beautiful!! I can see why you have many admirers! Your story is super cute and amazing! You must've been surprised ^^ that's so awesome that it happened to you :D you're one lucky young lady :) Have you seen this card? @AlloBaber
Same thing happened to me My name was supposed to be Nini but a mistake happened and now it's Mimi
You look great and I love our outfits! It looks very bohemian. I totally agree with your point 6. A guy with a passion and a clear goal in life is super important for me. Healthy communication is a must! :)
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