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SURVEY #1(KPOP Events in America) Q: Who and Where Would you want Your Concert Be at?
KFA (KPOP Fans of America) Concert Makers has asked many fans over at Facebook, Twitter, and Amino KPOP who they want to see and where at. Now it's your turn. You have seen all the projects happening now and all the other concerts that were successfully made with the power of the fans over at MyMusicTaste (EXO, Nu'Est, Infinite, Etc). We want to know your opinion. Who do you want to have a tour with? Where do you want to go see a concert/showcase at? Your answers will better help us determine what to make and find current projects being made. Thanks ^^ Comment below by answering the question: What KPOP group/artist are you awaiting to see in a concert/showcase/fan meeting? Where do you want to see this event happening at?
Example: GOT7 @ Orlando
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BTS @ Las Vegas
2 years ago·Reply
vixx,bts,infinite at LA
2 years ago·Reply
Got7 @ Las Vegas Basically everybody @ Las Vegas
2 years ago·Reply
Anybody at MIAMIIII
2 years ago·Reply
Super Junior at Phoenix (/.\) (Big Bang, BTS, CNBlue, or Seventeen also works too since most of SJ are in the army (>.<) )
2 years ago·Reply