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Hello, I'm Monica I am a very hardworking student who is an over achiever hahaha, I'm 15 years old and a freshman in high school, I live in Austin TX. I'm a very kind person who is told I'm wise beyond my years and have a cute personality (but in reality I'm just an old soul) And that's my best friend who is 11 inches taller than me , yet she is younger than me

2)Dream crush

My dream crush of all time is Chanyeol, he is the sweetest,happiest,and caring person I've seen. But I also have three others who are pretty close. D.O, Taehyun, and Suga, they are very sweet and caring

3)Curent status

Single, but I do have a crush on this very sweet boy in my school

4)Most romantic memory or story

I don't really have a romantic memory or story because I really have never dated a guy. But there is a boy who I like in school and we share English together. He seats behind me and is always the one who starts the conversation with a funny story or joke that makes me smile. Even though he comes from a wealthy family , he is very understanding person who is very heartwarming.

5) What do you look for in a partner

He has have a passion in life, something that he wants to achieve and make it happen. Being independent, I'm a very independent person and so I want someone like me. Understanding, being able to comprehend what life throws at you, a very clam person, kind, loving, good cook (because I can't), intelligent, funny, and over all a very hardworking person
The people I'm tagging @SaraVanDorn @JasmineWilliams @xsandos17 @XionHeart @SugaOnTop @AllySon3333 @ILikeHisFace123 and any who wants to do this tag are welcome to do it to PS. this took some time to make, haha