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So that's my face (although I just got a haircut so it's shorter). I am a straight Hispanic/Latina/Mexican. I know English, Spanish and whatever French I retained from high school. I'm 21 from Santa Barbara, CA and I transferred from SBCC to SFSU (I'm on my fourth year, I know I don't look my age😬😬) My major is studio art and recently I've become interested in creative writing so I might just double major. I love kpop, punk rock, Italian pop, Spanish pop/rock, anime, a huge book nerd, drawing/painting, novelas/dramas, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Daredevil, Arrow....the list of shows just goes on! I love to learn and experience different cultures, I plan on learning many languages because I want to travel to different countries and get to know the people and their customs. I am a very open person and the language barrier doesn't stop from enjoying what I love!

Dream Crush

So my dream crush would be Kim Taehyung from BTS. He is funny, knows how to make people smile, can be serious when he has to, has a beautiful personality, is very attractive and best of all he is a total weirdo! What I find most attractive about him though would be the fact that he is not afraid to be himself anywhere around anyone and I strive to do that myself. I love guys like that😆 mostly, also because I'm kinda a weirdo myself!

Current Status

Yes, I am single. I have never been in a relationship and although sometimes I really do want to go out with someone I feel like I am not ready. Being very honest here, for the past few years I have had a hard time loving myself as a person. So I wouldn't want to be in a relationship where I expect someone to love me and yet I can't love myself. For now I want to focus on being me to the fullest and learning how to accept myself. Also let's face it, with these extremely high standards my biases have set I don't think I'll find anyone right now who can compare! I'll happily take my Korean men any day, everyday😊❤️

Romantic Memory

Well as stated above I haven't had any relationship. What I do love is that my best friend Cynthia and I refer ourselves to each other's wives. She will stand by me whenever and I do the same for her. Since we're both single we like to spend our Valentine's Day together and spoil ourselves.

Perfect Partner

When I think of who I'd like to date I would say someone who could make me laugh anytime. Who's responsible, loyal, weird and I love guys who are total nerds about something. Also someone that has a goal and is motivated to fulfill it. Not to mention up to the idea of traveling, exploring different countries and experience different cultures without judgement. Personally it would be awesome if he liked anime or kpop like I do. So that's me hopefully that helps know what kind of person I am!

Totally forgot to mention this but my name is Selina! that's kinda important haha sorry!!

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OMG! You're like the same as me! I've also never been in a relationship because of all these standards these Korean guys are setting for me! 😂😂
YOU GO GIRL!!! Concentrating on loving yourself and finishing your education – that's the most important :) I'm really glad you can recognize that you're not ready to be with someone yet, because I think too often people cave to the societal pressure of always having to be in love, always having to have a boyfriend. It's really awesome that you know that's just not you right now :) I always loved being single – you learn SO much about yourself that way, and can become the person you're meant to be before adding someone else into the mix! I'm sure that means that you'll find someone that much more amazing after all the waiting :)
Yes I have! I was so excited when I saw that there was one😆 @nenegrint14 Haha I try! And thanks😊 @terenailyn
you're so pretty!!! and this card was beautiful
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