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Love bug challenge...

1. selfie Yep... I keep getting tagged so I might as well do one. :) There's me... yay... haha .
2. Dream Crush 1.Zitao 2. Leo 3. NamJoon. because I love the to death and they are just amazing. I have many more so I just put my top 3.
3. Relationship Status Currently in an amazing relationship. I have been with him (Leo) for a while now. (not that any of you care)
4. Most romantic memory/story Okay so... Me and Leo were walking to the library to hang out for a while since we hadn't been able to see each other lately. It startled to snow on our way there. Since we both love snow we decided to stay outside and cuddle together. Then as I was watching the snow fall, out of nowhere he pulls me closer and kisses me. Hehe I wasn't cold anymore after that.
5. what I look for in a guy... I don't really look at a guys looks but if there good looking I guess it's a plus?? I look at personality. like... If he's sweet, funny. If we can easily communicate because that is important. not tagging anyone...
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