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Why haven't I thought about sleeping on the floor until now?

Just like a television, every family owns a bed with many layers: a bed frame, spring mattress and a foam or cotton mattress. Excluding the cost of decorating the bed, a typical bed would cost about $600+. It makes sense to invest in a bed because we spend at least 6-8 hours sleeping each night. But is that necessary?
Thanks to K-drama and staying in Korea for over a year, I realize it's probably more practical to sleep on the floor.

Just to recall all your memories: In almost every Korean Drama, you can find someone sleeping on a floor bed.

They are typically the poor girl or guy in the drama.
1. "Secret Garden" - Gil Ra-im's One Room
2. "You're All Surrounded" - Eo Soo-Sun's One Room
3. "Nice Guy" - Kang Ma-Roo's Floor Bed
The truth is if the interior set design was made to look shabby to distinguish between the affluent and the poor. You can honestly make a room look chic with minor updates.

Below are some examples:

Cozy Minimal Interior Floor Bed

Unique and Modern Interior Floor Bed

6 Reasons Why I Would Try Floor Bed:

1. Save a lot of money.
2. Don't have to deal with DIY bed frame.
3. Don't have to stuff all the unnecessary things under the bed.
4. One less furniture to worry about when moving out.
5. Save a lot of space. Bed frames are big & bulky.
6. I can literally roll in bed if I wanted to.
Have you every thought about this or am I the only one?
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@pily218 Because it's marketed that way. Ever since I was living in Korea I realized it's not necessary to have one because the floor are heated. A mattress is comfortable!
I've thought about this a lot recently. And if you go with the traditional Korean floor sleeping style, you can roll the bed up and put it away-giving you more room to do things
I have a floor bed now. I love it, plus I've always found it more comfortable than having a bed with frames. And like you said in the card, easy redecorating.
I need to get one cause I am tired of hearing my headboard hit the wall everytime I sit on my bed
I used to have one. They're comfy.