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The New York Giants faced the undefeated Carolina Panthers on Sunday and almost had the game, until the deciding field goal by the Panthers with ten seconds left in the game.

But all of the media's focus was on the stint Odell Beckham Jr. had with Josh Norman.

Just in case you guys don't know what happened, here's a breakdown from the NFL.

And the commentators weren't the only one getting heated by the scuffle between Beckham and Norman.

Slide right to check out all these responses from athletes, celebrities, you name it!

And of course, we can't forget about a personal response from Josh Norman, himself.

What do my football fans think? Who's to blame and should the NFL take measures against these two?

Want to see a fight now
@EvanYannetti Exactly.....and he has so much potential to become even better and really leave a legacy behind. Hopefully he learned his lesson this time.
@mchlyang I mean look how many kids look up to him and he is just pulling this crap being a bad influence on them
Yea he deserved the suspension and the fines for what he did
ps just heard NFL suspended Becham for 1 game
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