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I was tagged by @jordanhamilton and got information from @veronicaartino! Yup, I was digging up Intel! It seemed interesting!
Part 1 Selfie. I take random photos of myself here and there, but more now since I'm documenting my progress from my kidney transplant. This photo is "I think I might be cute today"
My dream crush : Idris Elba.. I love all movies and shows he has done. He can be serious Luther BBC, A hero Marvel Thor, gritty and street The Wire HBO and the list goes on. So much talent and he also dabbles into music to as a DJ. Oh and he likes suits suits and sleeve tats that you really can't see.. Just a tease. Sploosh city
Current Status. I'm in a long term relationship. Most people probably would not guess because we do not smother each other and stuff. We are individuals that is what we are first and we bring our awesomeness together without making each other gag. Lol We love each other!
Romantic story : I have more than one but the most recent is when I recieved my transplant and he cried with me because I already said goodbye to everyone and it did not turn out that way. We both understood that this surgery is not a fix and I still am sick but at least he has more time with me. Hopefully.
( Prototype Andre 3000) What I look for Funny, Sarastic, intelligent (watches the history channel and National Geo with me) Gamer (does not have to be as serious as I am) loves sports (especially football and knows how to read the spread.. Oh and know who Mike and Mike is) Knows how to be cook because I find it fun that I could have someone to cook with :) Has an identity of his own. Be romantic, spontaneous, like to travel and be good to me and I'll be good to you. Understanding I do have male and female friends that are nuts and you will meet them all as long as they are not stranded in Canda (damn Alex.. It's always some girl, some random Tuesday and gosh darn Pepsi smh) The loyal and loving is an instant giving.. With the opening of doors and never allowing me to walk on the outside. Like I said you treat me good, I will treat you good but most likely better because if I stamped the application and welcomed you into my heart that means I have to be very serious... Because my heart really does exist, you brought it alive.
Thanks for the love bug challenge! Passing on to @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @amobigbang @buddyesd @SamTheMallow @MichaelOgg
Yay! You're amazing and beautiful. I also love Idris, such a handsome talented man. I love the fact that you pointed out that you & yours don't smother one another & at the end of the day you are individuals first & foremost! A lot of people tend to forget that sometimes. Including myself. Thanks for doing the challenge :)
this was quite beautiful. thanks for sharing
I love the first pic @lavonyork....playstation duel
Thank you @buddyesd
I like the selfie, <3<3<3
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