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Hello there, thanks for taking the time to read this it means a bunch to me. - The thing that I've always wanted to make is a...
Yup! I discovered this affinity for this type of entertainment in general when I was very little. Back then I was playing around with little toy army men and building a battlefield but then acting out each character and made them have full blown conversations. Later on I got into video games, and I liked the thought of characters in the game as characters in books, or in a movie. (Both Halo and anime inspire me to keep writing.) Then I discovered...
And although I did not own the game myself I quickly started looking for things related to Halo and I soon found...
Yeah! I've been watching rvb since it started and in my older games have even "body acted" the characters in my game (which was Star Wars: Battlefront 2 at the time) to do or move how or how I thought they would.
Then I got to writing and decided to make a fanfic of the rvb guys and as a kid I loved that story. I still have it....somewhere. But it will never see the light of day...because it was baaaad... But then I got to thinking, "I can write my own machinima!" so i started watching new and old machinima around when reach came out and I got very excited.
But like life, writing a decent (in my eyes) script is hard... I have great ideas but I lack the enthusiasm, voice actors, body actors, soundtracks, and the video editing skills to fulfill my dream.
At this point I feel stuck, but I also feel like I can write about anything.
I dunno... maybe I'll figure it out...
I can record some vocals for your script and send it to you? I do a bad ass deep voice commentary, or possibly help out in some other way :). I say go for it, either way!
rip me. i had no idea you responded. my apologies. if your still up to doing something like that I actuslly have a few skits written down that I'd like to try making.
So I guess that will make me your second fan XD
Seconding what @cricketboyes said!
just don't give up :) I want to be your first fan
Best of luck to you!
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