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Sarang Pov *Monday morning* I woke up a bit later than usual but I guess that's a good thing. *Wi ng Wi ng by hyukoh ringtone* " Yeobosayeo? " I said " My dear love, how are you? " my umma chirped happily through the phone. " I'm doing good Umma. Amber is recovering well and I'm getting ready to start my first day at school. " " I'm glad to hear that she's okay.  You think you gonna be fine going to school alone? " she asked. " Yes, I'm scared but I'll be fine Umma. " I said trying to reinsure her . Sure you'll be fine ~~ Haha but what will they think when they know you're a freak? Oh maybe they will already hate you because you're ugly? Oh~ all the possibilities I cringed a little and listened to my umma continuing to speak about her and the ahjussi and for me to remember to call creepy peppermint. " Alright, I wont keep you long you gotta go get ready ! Good luck my love. " she said . " Thank you Umma~~" " Remember, if you feel like you can't take it I'm always a call away. " I hummed to her statement and ended the call. I noticed I haven't gotten any uniform from the school yet. I just found what I could and laid them out on my bed. I put some natural makeup on and quickly got dressed and flat ironed my shower induced curls.  I put on my black skinny jeans , a white shirt with black dripping lips , a black hoodie , and black & white high tops. God, I wear black a lot.  I pulled my medium now straight hair in a ponytail with my bangs out like usual . I grabbed my acoustic guitar case with me down the stairs. I made breakfast again for the kids and they happily ate and so did Yongguk-ssi. " Aren't you supposed to start school today? " Yongguk asked while stuffing his face. " Y-yeah I am but where's my uniform or do TS don't wear uniforms? " I asked putting some supplies in my book bag. " For new students they fit you into their uniform on your first day since they personally make theirs " he said and I nodded to the new information.  " Thanks for breakfast again Sarang~" he smiled gummily and gave me the kids and his plate. I put the plates in the sink and quickly washed them. " pali pali unnie ! We're gonna be late if you don't hurry!" Haru screamed from the front door. I quickly picked up my bookbag and wrapped my guitar strap on my back and headed out the door. * You got a message~~!* We got in the car and I checked my phone as we pulled off. <3 Amber Oppa <3 Good Luck at school today! If someone scares you tell me so oppa can beat them up! ~~~~~ I chuckled at her silliness and text back <3 My jagi Sarang Babo how can you fight in that state ? Don't be dumb and thank you oppa ~ I'll do my best not to be scared. ~~~~~ " Who's that got you smiling like that?" Yongguk-ssi said smirking . "A-ah" " Probably Amber Hyung~~~" Taemin teased and I turned red. " Hush it child or I won't get you icecream after school today~ " I stuck my tongue out and Haru chuckled at the pouting Taemin  . We drop the kids off first and we drove to my school. We drove into the school's parking lot and I looked at the big castle in front of me. " Waaaa~~~" I said getting out of the car. " It's big ain't it? " Yongguk-ssi said walking beside me and I looked at him confused. "  Y-you're supposed to go to work aren't you?  " I said sliding away from him slightly and he quirk his eyebrow. " Oh, I work at TS's entertainment as a producer and song writer. Last year they connected the school and the training center together.  Something about getting the students a easier way to train and go to school at the same time. "  I nodded and look at the students running in . *  You got a message~ ~!* I unlocked my phone and saw it was from Hope oppa. Oppa Hope -style ✊ Good luck at school my dear deongsang ! If you get scared tell hope oppa and I'll make it better ! If someone is mean I'll fight em'! ㅋㅋㅋ ~~~~~ Is all oppas the same? I chuckled at the message and sent one back . Gwiyomi's Unnie Sarang <3~~~ You and Amber oppa need to stop with beating people up. You are a seongsangnim or did you forget Mr. Jung?  Stop texting in class and teach ~~ Nappen Neom ~~~~~ " Who are you texting? " I heard Yongguk-ssi's deep voice by my ear . I jumped and he chuckled.  He took my phone and walked towards the school. " W-wait what? " I looked at the tall male giving me his gummy smile looking back at me. " Hurry or you'll be late for class!  You seem distracted so I took your phone to see who gotcha  smiling!" he yelled from a distance and people stared and whispered. Look people already talking about you. Hehe I quickly ran up to Yongguk-ssi and enter the school with him. " C-can I get my phone now? " I asked as we walked towards the office. " Hold on a sec~ Let me see who you was texting . What's your password?" He said. I looked at him with big eyes and he quirk his eyebrow.  " Oh~~~ you already got a boyfriend Sarang? Tisk tisk I didn't know our shy Sarang was a fox. " he joked . " N-no it's like that! I mean .... My password is MinnieHaru"  I said walking forward pass him. " Aw, who is Oppa hope-style?" he chuckled running up to me. "Haru's home seongsangnim Mr. Jung." I mumbled. " Oh, you two gotten close I see. " he said weirdly after scrolling through our messages and gave me my phone. " Y-yeah , we did . " I said and we enter the office. " Goodmorning Bang hyung!  " a young male that looked around Yongguk-ssi's age chirped happily sitting behind a big desk. " Goodmorning Daehyun-ah  " he smiled. " Who is this pretty lady? You finally got rid of the pretty face bitc-" Yongguk-ssi glared at the guy and he stopped. " Ah- mian~~ anyways who is this?" he pointed to me. " This is the new addition to our family . Hara wanted to try being a host family for our study abroad students. This is our new haksang Lee Sarang. " I blushed a little at the male's smile and bowed. " Awe ~~ What a cutie!" he cooed. " Yeah, don't try anything or I'll beat you up Dae." Yongguk-ssi threatened and the younger just laughed. " O-okay hyung ~ I won't be a perv just this once if you buy me some cheesecake " he raised his eyebrows. Yongguk-ssi sighed and I chuckled at the cute interaction.  " If I got time Dae and  Sarang  watch out from this ahjussi.  He is a first class pervert. Don't let that handsome face and smile fool ya. " Yongguk-ssi sighed as the younger male pouted and I chuckled. " I am not~  Hyung , stop trying to ruin a new friendship.  I know you want me for yourself but I have a life outside from you. " he said and Yongguk-ssi scuffed playfully. " Please Dae , I wouldn't want you even if your the last person on earth. Anyways , I gotta get going, I have a recording session in a few minutes and Sarang needs to get to class in-" he looks at his watch ," 10minutes till 1st hour bell rings. Hurry and get her in her uniform and take her to class. " Yongguk-ssi said. " Oh of course I get her in her clothes" Daehyun-ssi said and I looked at him strangely. " Dae, I will kill you. " and Daehyun-ssi put his hands up and directed me to a door in the back of the office. " What size shirt you wear? I'm thinking a medium because you're tall but " he pointed to his chest , " say large"  he chuckled . I felt heat rise up to my cheeks and I looked down. " I-I'm a large in shirts and a size 6 in pants. " I said still looking down. " Aw, don't be shy sweety ~ You got a nice body. Plus, pants? In America do girls wear pants as uniforms? " he asked. " A-ah ne? Oh , yes we do. It depends on the school though. " I said and he nodded. " Well, girls wear skirts in Korea for uniforms. So what's your size in skirts?" he asked digging through the stacks of uniforms. " W-well, I don't usually wear skirts so I-I  don't know." I said a bit embarrassed.  Of course you don't know. You don't want people to see those sweet war scares on your thighs do you? I cringed at the words and tightened my hands on my bookbag . " Oh, sweety ~ come here " he motioned me to come toward him. I walk to him and stand next to him. He pulled me towards him. He put his hands on my waist and then down to my hips.  My eyes widened in fear as his hands were dangerously about to get broken . " W-what-" " Wahh you have a nice small waist and your hips are a bit apple like so I say you gonna need a skirt that's a little tight at the waist but roomy enough around the hips and butt area. " he said letting go of me and continued searching for clothes. My face was so warm from the contact.  This guy is really strange. Maybe Yongguk-ssi is right, he's a perv. " Here we go perfect! " he said pulling clothes out and handed it to me. " Go ahead and change " he said smiling just standing there and I raised my eyebrows at him . " C-can you leave ahjussi? " I said and he pouted . " I'm not a ahjussi. Call me Dae oppa , okay sweety? I'll go get your schedule. Hurry and get dress you only have about 5 minutes.  " he winked and left the room. I undressed and noticed there was a a full body mirror on the wall . I looked at my reflection and looked away when I noticed the familiar scars on my thighs. Wow look at those ! You haven't carved a masterpiece in awhile. I wonder how long you can hold out this time. Ignored myself and put the uniform on.  I looked at myself in the mirror and was happy the skirt was long enough to cover my thighs and the protective shorts covered the rest under. It was a green plaited waist skirt with black buttons at the waist and it  came down to the ends of my thighs a few inches away from knees .  I had a white button up shirt with a green TS symbol on the pocket, with a green plaited tie to go with it ,and a white jacket with black  seems . If I were to be honest I look like I'm cosplaying Akb48 but it was cute none the less.  I re-fixed my now messy hair back into a ponytail. I put the the knee high socks on , grabbed my guitar and walked out the room to the front of the office. " Eureka!!! Thos legs oh my god.  Stop it Dae you promised  Gukkie Hyung you wouldn't " he said to himself and I chuckled. " T-thank you, Dae oppa. " I said rubbing the back of my neck and he ran to a wall hitting his head on it. "You're strange. " I chuckled. " Hold it Dae ~~ hold your hormones.", he took a breath, "Okay lets get going to your class. You got literally 2 minutes! " he said dragging me out the office.
The bell rung so he ran and I followed him up a flight of steps and he took me to a class with A234 on the sliding door. " This is where you will have your basic classes. You will go to a different room for your sub and major classes. Here's your schedule. "  he said handing me a piece if papers. I have English literature this hour . " Alright, follow me sweety. " he said opening the door. I took a deep breath and follow him in. This is it Sarang, you can do this. The class started whispering as I stand in front of the class next to a pretty lady with long light brown hair which im guessing is my homeroom seongsang. " Excuse me, Dara seongsangnim." Dae oppa said and she nodded her head and let him continue to talk. " Alright , alright calm down . This is our new foreign student so treat her well. Go ahead and introduce yourself sweety. " Dae oppa said looking at me. I took a deep breath and stepped forward. " A-annyeonghasaeyo, joneun Lee Sarang imbnida. Nice to meet you all. " I said and they cheered. T-they really cheered... " You know tradition guys. Do you have any requests or questions  for the newbie?" I looked at Dae with puppy eyes and he chuckled. " What is your request my cute Woozi?" he said pointing to a cute small boy with pink hair who glared at Dae oppa's direction but then smiled my way . " Um, Where are you from and are you mixed with Korean?" he asked and everyone looked at me looking for my answer. "A-ah I- I'm from St. Louis, Missouri and no I'm not Korean necessarily. I'm African American and Italian but my umma  gave me a Korean name. " I said as honest as I could without revealing too much. He nodded his head and smiled. " Alright , anyone else?" more people raised their hands and he picked a girl named Minah. " What are you doing here exactly? Ain't there performance schools in the ghetto?" her group of friends laughed at her comment . I felt uncomfortable and began to tightened my grip on my bookbag. " Shut it Minah, you racist fuck. " a guy I swear looks like a young Leonardo DiCapio said at her and she glared at him. " Alright, watch your mouths brats!" Dara seongsangnim(?) scolded. " Any other questions or requests that's not rude? " Dae asked and picked a guy with pretty big brown eyes with small eye bags. " How about you Joshua? " " I see you have a guitar so you must be a instrumental major?"  Joshua-ssi asked. " I-Im taking up composition and producing as my major and dance & vocal as my subs. " I answered and he smiled. " we're the same major .I'm composition and producing and vocal also.  You don't mind singing or dancing for us? " He smiled brightly. " Me too! We have all the same major and subs." Woozi said happily. I nodded my head and smiled back at the two. "Sing for us wigooken . Let's see if your better than me which I doubt. " Minah said and I frowned.  " Don't worry about her she's just a bitchy trainee ." Dae oppa whispered in my ear and I chuckled. " U-uh what do you guys want me to play?" I asked getting my guitar out of its case. " How about a Bts song or a Bigbang song? " Dae oppa suggested and the class agreed. I thought of a song that I really love from the two groups. " Maybe the wigook don't know kpop groups? Maybe some hiphop might fit you? " one of Minah's friends said. Haha these girls are funny. They already hate you Haha you set a new record. I ignored my self and started playing my favorite song by BTS. " D-don't think about anything Don’t even speak eh oh oh Please just smile for me I still can’t believe it Everything feels like a dream Don’t try to disappear Is it true? Is it true? You You You're so beautiful that im scared Untrue Untrue You You You Can you stay by side? Will you promise me only this? If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break I’m afraid afraid afraid I wanna stop time When this moment is done Would it be like a fantasy Would I forget you I’m afraid afraid afraid Butterfly, like a Butterfly Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like Butterfly, like a butterfly Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like You’re like a Butterfly I stare at you from afar If I touch, will I lose you? This mud like Night, you light it up A little gesture And I suddenly forget about reality You’re like stroking wind You’re like a softly lying dust You’re there but I can’t reach you Stop You’re like a dream to me, butterfly, high Untrue Untrue You You You Can't you stay by my side? Will you promise me only this? If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break I’m afraid afraid afraid I wanna stop time When this moment is done Would it be like a fantasy Would I forget you I’m afraid afraid afraid My heart lets out a desperate sound I can’t tell if it’s fantasy or reality My paradise Please don’t go deep into the woods My heart pours affection on you My feelings melt and leak (I just wanna dissolve) My love is eternal It’s all FREE for you baby Can't you stay by my side? Will you promise me only this? If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break I’m afraid afraid afraid I wanna stop time When this moment is done Would it be like a fantasy Would I forget you I’m afraid afraid afraid Butterfly, like a butterfly Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like Butterfly, like a butterfly Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like~~" I finished and everyone looked at me strangely. " Wah, you can rap too! You're so good at singing and playing!" Joshua said clapping and the rest of the class did also but Minah and her group of friends. There was a person in the back looking straight at me smiling and clapping but when I looked their  way they quickly looked down. I frowned a little but said thank you to everyone and bowed. " Well, I'll get going. Have fun Sweety and don't forget to remind Yongguk about my cheesecake " he said and left the class. " Well, nice to meet you Sarang . I am your home room seongsang and My name Sandra Park but you can call me Dara seongsang.  You can sit with Jeonghan over there in the back by the window. He's a nice boy so he wont give you any trouble. Jeonghan-ssi raise your hand so she know where to go." she said and the same person before shyly raised his hand. I notice many people throwing daggers Jeonghan-ssi's way especially Minah. I quirked my eyebrows and sat by the window. He looked at me but quickly looked away again and put his headphones in. Dara seongsang started reading a familiar book but I couldn't remember the name of it but I knew it was about the odyssey and Cyclops . Everyone in class seemed to not understand half of what was being said except a few. I looked at the male beside me and noticed how pretty he was. Almost angel like with pretty long locks , ivory skin, long lashes , and prettily shaped lips. How low can you stoop? You're jealous of a boy's looks? My mind scuffed. " c-can you not stare at me like that. " he shyly said quietly and I broke out of my trance. " A-ah s-sorry I didn't mean to stare. You just really unreal looking?" I mindlessly said and he hanged his head low . Did I say the wrong thing? I didn't mean it that way shit. Wow , nice words Sarang. " I-Im sorry that came out wrong. I mean your very good looking ... K-kinda like a angel.  I- I mean shit. Sorry , I'll stop talking. " I said looking down at my hands. " R-really? " he asked. I looked at him and smiled. " Yes, you are very good looking and your hair." I said pointing to his pulled up hair. " Most people find me too girly looking and find me unattractive. " he said looking at me in awe. "Really? They are blind then . " I said and he smiled . " I'm Jeonghan and I'm a vocal major and my subs are dance and art." he put his hand out. I shook his hand and said , " I'm Sarang , nice to meet you Jeonghan-ssi. " He smiled brightly but it suddenly disappeared when someone passed him a paper. He opened it and his frown was more noticeable. I look at the paper to see ' faggot' ' trans' ' die gay bitch" and a few more words that are too mean to repeat. I also noticed some words scribbled in his desk that were also not so nice. I looked at him sadly with an aching heart. I didn't know what to say or do for him. I decided to text Amber. <3 My jagi Sarang Oppa im in a delima. ~~~~ A few seconds my phone vibrated . <3 Amber Oppa <3 I knew I was gonna have to beat someone up.  Who is it jagi? Who hurt you? ~~~ I chuckled a little and Jeonghan-ssi looked at me sadly and I looked down texting Oppa back. <3 My jagi Sarang No pabo!  My desk mate he is really pretty.... like goddess status but I think he is getting bullied because he's really pretty. Idk what to do oppa. Hes so nice ~~ >~< They gave him a paper that said some really bad things and his desk have some scribbles saying the same thing.  Now he's sadly looking at it...... ~~~~~ <3 Amber Oppa<3 I would take the paper and rip it. If he's nice like you say then be nice to him. Maybe he needs a friend and you're decent .... I think .... You're abusive though. ~~~ <3 My jagi Sarang Thanks? ~~~~~ <3 Amber Oppa<3 Np jagi now go be a friend! Fighting! ~~~~~ I smiled and looked to a sulking Jeonghan-ssi.  I took the paper like Amber said but I  looked at it first in disgust at the words written. " W-what are you- * rip~~* Sarang?"  he said watching me rip the paper in pieces.  The whole class looked at us and i smiled shyly. " Sarang-ssi can you destroy things a little quieter?" Dara seongsang chuckled and I bowed with a sorry. I noticed Minah looking at me curiously. " Why did you do that ? " Jeonghan-ssi asked and I flashed him a smile. " because these ugly words don't deserve the right to be in those pretty hands or seen by your pretty eyes so I ripped them apart.  "  he chuckled . God, he even laughs cutely. " Was that you declaring friendship or your love? " " Friendship?" I smiled shyly and he nodded with a pretty smile. * 4th hour* A few hours pass and now we're in math now. Me and Jeonghan-ssi was talking and joking throughout the whole time which earned us a few scoldings from seonsangs but I'm happy I made a friend. He was as nice as he looks but a little playful. " Alright, you can have study hall now . I'll be in the teacher's office and you guys better not play around ." the math seongsang said leaving the room but as soon as he walked down the hall the students got into their groups.  Me and Jeonghan-ssi faced each other and started asking silly questions.
Okay, What is your favorite color? " he asked. " Green but I really love wearing black and white. " I smiled and asked the same. " I don't have one necessarily, it depends on my mood" he said and I nodded understandingly. " Food? " I asked. " Korean food like stew and chicken and you?" he asked. " Anything edible but I guess I can say pizza or chicken . Now I'm hungry~~~" I said and he chuckled. " Music and hobbies?" I asked. " I really like Chris Brown , 2bic, and a few kpop singers here and there. Hobbies? Hm, I like sports but I like sleep more." he chuckled. " Ommo ! The same! I love Chris Brown " I happily chirped and we started fangirling over his old songs . " I see the faggot finally got him a friend." one of Minah's friends said loudly and some of the class laughed with her. " I bet once she knows what a slut you are she wouldn't be so friendly."  Jeonghan-ssi looked down sadly at Minah's words. " I'm not a slut so stop saying that . " he lowly said. " Can't hear you slut! " she chuckled. Her group of friends joined her and kept repeating the words slut and faggot.  He looked down at his hands and tears started to fall from his eyes. I mentally panicked , confused on what to do. He's just as pathetic as you . aigoo you're a bad friend just watching him cry. I didn't know what to do so I acted out of urge. I put my earphones in his ears and blasted my favorite get well song.  " If things don't go way~ use my shoulders to lean on" as the song played I mouth the words . He looked at me with tears in his eyes and smiled.  "  Yah, wigook don't mess with a person like faggot Jeong. He will show his slutty ways and stab you in the back. I'm telling you since I think we should be friends. " she smiled and everyone looked at me. I unknowingly sneered at her comments. Friends? Haha she will just use you and throw you away. This time I listened to my thoughts. " Why would I be friends with you? Mianhae , I'm uninterested in being friends with you. I'll stay with Jeonghan-ssi. " I smiled at him as he looked at me in awe and so did the rest of the class. * ding dong ding* The bell for lunch rang and everyone rushed out.  I looked for my lunch in my bag and Jeonghan-ssi went to his small locker and I heard a sigh. " What's wrong?" I asked . " They took my wallet again" he sighed.  I sighed with him and grabbed his hand and walked to the lunchroom. " We can share my lunch since I packed enough for two anyways. I usually get hungry around 6hr but I can get through. " I chuckled getting through the crowd of students. " Where do you usually sit? " I asked and he pointed to a table in the back of he lunchroom . We walked to the table and sat. " Thank you for earlier , Sarang- ssi and for the food too. " he said while I open up the lunch I made. "No problem at all. I will do it all the time if you let me. Even if my phone dies I'll sing it to you to the top of my lungs." he chuckled and began to eat. We talked at about any and everything . Enjoying our selves and getting to know each other. I told him about Amber and the kids and he seemed interested in meeting them so I invited him to go with us to get icecream and meet Amber. * ding dong ding* " Don't forget to meet me at the doors at the end of school " I told him as we part ways to go to our major classes. * composition and producing class* I walked into the big recording studio with about 10 other kids and I saw two familiar faces. It was Joshua-ssi and Woozi-ssi. " Hey Sarang sit with us!" Woozi-ssi said patting the seat in between them. I walk towards them as the class went quiet looking at me. I nervously held my guitar case in my hand. " W-why are they looking at me like that?" I said to myself as I sat down. " Because they can't believe you stood against the queenka of the school and defended Jeonghan." Woozi-ssi said. " I-i  mean she was making him really sad and said hurtful things. He's too sweet to be treated that way. " I said playing with the strap on my guitar case. " Did you hear the rumors about him? How could you say nice things about him?"Woozi-ssi asked and Joshua-ssi nodded. " Y-yes,people been trying to tell me all day. I say nice things about him because  I only talked to him for a few hours and I automatically know he's nothing like what Minah claims.  Don't tell me you believe in dumb rumors?" I said looking at the two. " We don't but- " Joshua-ssi try to speak but I cut him off. " H-have you actually had a conversation with him? " they shook their heads no.  "I believe in getting to know a person first before judging them by others words. You guys should give him a try. He's a nice and fun guy to talk to." they nodded. The seongsang came in and we started class. * End of day* I quickly went to the entrance of the school to see Jeonghan-ssi waiting for me. " Annyeong." I waved and he smiled.  "Annyeong"  I pulled my phone out to see Yongguk-ssi text me he was already at the car. " Ready to go ? " I asked and he nodded. I lead him to the car and got in. " Y-you don't mind if I bring a friend with me? " I asked shyly and Yongguk-ssi deeply chuckled. " Why you always shyly talk to me? Am I that intimidating?" he sighed, " it's okay Sarang . I don't mind you bringing your friend. Annyeong haksang I'm Yongguk and im sarang's host parent." Yongguk-ssi said driving off. " I'm Jeonghan , nice to meet you." Jeonghan-ssi said. We got the kids and ate icecream happily.  The kids enjoyed having jeonghan-ssi with us and we made senseless conversation.  Amber grew to like him so now she wants to beat up Minah. That child just love to beat up people i guess. ~~~~~~~~~ Here's my long awaited chapter. It took me hours to finish but i guess it was worth it! I hope you enjoy our new character!!!!!