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Hey everyone, back and Im going to be uploading more cards here real soon!!! I have been busy finishing finals for the semester and getting things done for my job and home, you guys know that old song and dance . I have question for you guys though, I have a youtube channel with my friends and they would like a segment from and they dont care what it is (more so they are cool with any idea it is cause they are like my brothers not in a I dont car kind of way) What I was thinking of doing was a Anime review segment, would guys like to see anime reviews from me? let me know in the comments below!!! Please and Thank you to all of you that support me and all of my fellow otaku's @RosePark @Poojas @VinMcCarthy @hikaymm
実際すぐにここでより多くのカードをアップロードするつもり!あなたたちはその古い歌を知って、私は学期のために忙しい仕上げ決勝だったとの事は私の仕事と家庭のために行わ取得しますダンス。でも、私はあなたたちのための質問を持って、私は私の友人とYouTubeチャンネルを持っており、よりセグメントを希望し、彼らはそれが何であるかを気にいけない(より多くのように、彼らはそれが任意のアイデアとクールです彼らは私がやって考えていたがアニメレビューセグメントだった)私は方法の種類を気にしないではないで私の兄弟のようなものです原因、みんなが私からのアニメレビューをご覧になりたいですか?私は以下のコメントで知らせて!!!てください、私の仲間のオタクの私をサポートするあなたのすべてとすべてに感謝 Nē, daremoga, senaka to Imu wa, jissai sugu ni koko de yori ōku no kādo o appurōdo suru tsumori! Anata-tachi wa sono furui uta o shitte, watashi wa gakki no tame ni isogashī shiage kesshōdatta to no koto wa watashi no shigoto to katei no tame ni okonawa shutoku shimasu Dansu . Demo, watashi wa anata-tachi no tame no shitsumon o motte, watashi wa watashi no yūjin to yūchūbu chan'neru o motte ori, yori segumento o kibō shi, karera wa sore ga nandearu ka o ki ni ikenai (yori ōku no yō ni, karera wa sore ga nin'i no aidea to kūrudesu Karera wa watashi ga yatte kangaete itaga animerebyūsegumentodatta) watashi wa hōhō no shurui o kinishinaide wanaide watashi no kyōdai no yōna monodesu gen'in, min'na ga watashi kara no animerebyū o goran ni naritaidesu ka? Watashi wa ika no komento de shira sete! ! !Te kudasai, watashi no nakama no otaku no watashi o sapōto suru anata no subete to subete ni kansha
preciate I will once I get my firat video together
*first lol. but outside of that man christmas is right around the corner and everything is god bless. I hope everyone else is too
word. you should put the youtube video in vingle cards! from what I've been told, it still counts towards the views on youtube
oh ok, I see.
once I get started and rolling I will, basically if this first video gets more than 10 views lol. I will also try to link videos to cards but that doesnt work like i think it should sometimes
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