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Who's your most hated character in One Piece? Mine is Vergo, followed closely behind by Vivi.
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I hate that goopy bastard, I only like sugar and baby 5 on that team
Honestly I don't really any of them besides Doflamingo and Se帽or Pink. And I didn't even really like Pink until we learned his story and why he always dressed like a baby. After that I began respecting him.
that hard boiled bastard earned my admiration, but I mean girl wise, he is the only other one I like on the team cause if you think about it he wasn't really that bad in the end. He saw his work as a job and he seemed to feel for what he has done but he committed himself to it.
Yeah now that you mention it I never really got an evil vibe from him. He was always all business and not so much just wanting to fuck shit up.
he just did his job. Reminds me of the mafia, its strictly business. Nothings personal