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I found these, loved them immediately, and then started searching high n’ low for the mixed media genius that created them. Turns out that they’re not collages… they’re photographs from the early 1900’s! I still don’t completely believe it, but apparently, it’s true. Yep, during the Meiji and Taisho Eras of Old Japan, photographing Geishas in swimwear was all the rage. Stripes, hits of candy-hues, fancy up-do’s… hang on a second… that’s all the rage NOW!
Those photos are so "classic". I do know how to find the words to descirpe it :)
is it really a photos ? or is it a painting ? Looks like photoshop
those photos looks really vintage, but looks a bit creepy a bit for me :/
@sofiamuller758 @robertlam those are real photos, they were taken by some photographers while ago :)