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I've come to realize that I don't take many selfies. My hair is sort of messy. Oh well. I'm Lyssa. I don't use my name as my usernames. Terra ToyaSi is a character I made up years ago. I won't give my age, just know that I am older than I look. Truth be told I'm sort of new to this KPop world. I have spent many more years being an otaku. So much so that I still consider this a temporary phase. I'm an artist and grew as an artist because of The Lion King and anime.

Dream Crush:

So, I may or may not be too old to have crushes. I am addicted to my love of Daesung. Just the most perfect person to ever exist. I also added Trafalgar Law of One Piece because he is my anime husband. I collect anime figure (I have more than 400 figures), I have about 30 Law figures.
What was this part again? Oh ya....


Once upon a time I had a relationship, but then it sunk like the Titanic. Now I am single. I'm mostly happy... except for those days I'm not happy. I think I need to work on loving myself because right now I am my own worst enemy.
Romantic Stuff? Nope!

Cat Time:

I don't really do romantic. Every time romantic stuff happened I alway felt super uncomfortable. So instead let's talk about my cat. I love this stupid fuzzy thing so much. His name is Chaos. He is with me when I wake up and he greets me when I come home from work. Just the best darn cat ever.

Ideal Partner:

Honestly I never really but much thought into this. I'm really bad at finding a guy. If I do find a good one I then can't talk to them. I'm sure if I saw a K-Idol I would lose the ability to speak. I guess an fellow that can make me feel better when I'm have a bad day, that can deal with my MANY fandoms, someone that understands personal space, or perhaps can make me laugh.


Where are you people getting that list of people to tag? I was on 9 people list of tags. (Probably more by now) Thanks Everyone!! GOT7 be sneaking up on my Daesung bias.
Daesung is my second favorite out of Bigbang, TOP is my forever bias
omg. u also have an anime husband? mine is izumi sano.
Hahaha Daesung is my father (according to my sister) haha I love his voice!! You're cute :D and don't worry, the single life is awesome ^^