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Aloha all. ok so i am doing this since i was tagged. i am a 31 year old big fan girl. the 1st 3 pictures are me. the 4th is baby me on the right and my cousin on the left feeding me ice cream. and the last one is my sister and i. @anniemimis thats her.
Ok so my dream crush would only be one man and his name is Choi Seung Hyun also known as T.O.P of Big Bang. i fell in love with his voice. the way he is. his smile. his funny side. his caring side. his cute side. its sad to say i am old here but oh well....
current status is single. im not really looking right now. just trying to live life lol.
hmmmm romantic thing that happened to me was.... it wasnt wit anyone special just a friend. we sat on the beach and just talked and star gazed. nothing big yet.
my ideal type would be mostly like all of them. fun loving caring outgoing down to earth sweet sexy handsome talkative trustworthy faithful honest and would just like love me for me. cause i am weird, dorky at times. but im just me. i may be old. but thats just an age lol thats not how i feel.
btw more of my ideal types lol. not tagging anyone. but there ya go.
awww so cute! You two are very beautiful ! :)
You're pretty!! T.O.P is hilarious hahah your baby picture is cute!
@TaehyungKey if your going to cook bake some sweets too
so cool and adorable