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Hi everyone... I'm new here I'm really big on Korean culture. I would love to learn Korean or make new friends who also have an interest in Korea. Feel free to drop in and message me
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That's the Vingle community! Glad you enjoy and keep on making new friends!!! @kpopandkimchi is my friend too and she's really nice!!!! @alishap
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@ninjamidori hey bud your back
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@alishap I'm subscribed to and sweetandtastyTV. You might already know those, but they are the ones my friend sent me when I started watching kpop :)
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Haha, yeah!!! XD @DestinaByrd
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Welcome to Vingke! There are so many cool cards to look at. My favorite ones are about Beast - my bias group. I am all white on the outside but my heart is 100% Korean lol ... Cool to have as part of the Vingle family!
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