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Shipping Sunday! WonTaek!
This is the too beautiful for life ship of Leo and Ravi from Vixx!!!!!! Like Model couple amiright?!
I could ship them all day every day guys. They are so cute XD
And Leo is still nice enough to share Ravi with us fangirls!
These two give the most entertaining interviews I swear!
Leo and Ravi are always trolling each other XD
I could not love the Beautiful Lair MV more. It's like shipping art and I will love it till I die
Find FanFiction here!!

Do you ship it?!?!?!?!

cause you should XD
Thank you to ... me for requesting this ship lol It's the first time I've picked a ship and it wont happen often so don't worry, I was having a hard time focusing and they were all I could think about
Find more ships here and follow so you don't miss any!! Request your otp here!!
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2 years ago·Reply
Of course. Who wouldn't ship them
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
hehe I did a fanfic of them lol kinky xP
a year ago·Reply
awww another cute couple
a year ago·Reply