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Christmas is the season to be merry and joyful.

But not in the world of sports.

A game or match on Christmas day is just like any other games. It can even get nastier because there are more fans watching especially if it's between regional rivals like Manchester United and Manchester City. But Christmas is dominated by the color red, which is the symbolic color for Manchester United while Manchester City proudly supports sky blue as their color. Thus, after a handful of complaints from City fans to Santa Claus, what did he decide to do?
That's right.

A half-and-half Santa Claus for the two teams from Manchester!

So if a Manchester City fan comes up to take a photo with him, he can show his "blue side" to go along with not only the Christmas theme, but also the fandom side!
Merry Christmas to all my sports fans and enjoy your holidays with your favorite teams and even though tis the season to be jolly...

Root for your favorite teams with more passion and intensity this holiday!

@Starbell808 @kpoplovee Glad you guys enjoyed it!
@GingerMJones I mean it is Christmas ya know!
ooo cool
thats cool
That is so cool!!
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