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Sometimes, you do something embarrassing and you pray that no one saw and you get away with it.
Other times, you're a celebrity and you do something embarrassing at an open fan sign with hundreds of fans watching and filming and you'll literally never be able to get away from that memory because its FANDOM HISTORY now.

Sorry, Leo, but this is too funny to not come back to again :)

My favorite part of this video is that every single other member definitely checks their own flies afterwards, lol! Better safe than sorry, right?

At least your friends always got your back, am I right?

I expect ALL OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS to do the same for me if I ever have something embarrassing going on that I don't know about, okay?
Tagging some of my starlight friends so we can relive this together~~
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LOL this is sooo funny, and him trying to hide his embarssment by punching Hyuk? Priceless
2 years ago·Reply
Hongbin over there like "What's so funny?"
2 years ago·Reply
aww poor Leo but that was pretty entertaining sorry
2 years ago·Reply
Lol aww poor Leo
2 years ago·Reply
N: Shoot. *check his pants* Leo: *Walks to Ravi* Ravi: *woah, what's up.* Hyuk: *I can't believe this is happening.* Ken: *Sneakily peeks from the side* Hongbin: *What just happened?*
2 years ago·Reply