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Again what's with the sword fights???
I have a sword fight with a ghost... All ready then
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@MiguelCorona Yoshi's Island
2 years ago·Reply
Me: Best friends with a teletubby Cousin 1: Create clones of Wall-E Cousin 2: Switch lives with Justin Bieber Best Friend: Replace the human population with a teletubby My Mom: Create clones of Voldemort... "MAAAAHHHM?! Why are you a Death Eater, Horcrux maker?" "Huh?! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!"
2 years ago·Reply
OMG I get to host a tv show with PIKACHU I always use him in super smash
2 years ago·Reply
Best friends with Yoshi, what's funny is that I have a cousin with the same name but different spelling
2 years ago·Reply
Host a TV show with Kirby
2 years ago·Reply