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I am somewhere in this picture. Not a fan of selfies in fact I have this one and one other photo of me. That's it everything else has been deleted. I'm pretty sure there's another one of me floating around vingle.
I'm 33, married and have a couple of kids. I have been with my husband since 1999. got officially married in 2001. Wouldn't trade him for the world we have been though so much Shit together and not thrown in the towel. Mainly because we drew our do not cross line when we first got together and have stuck to it.
The most romantic moments I've had are also some of my funniest. when we first started dating he invited me over for grilled steaks. I had the joy of watching him singe his eyebrows and hair cause he'd never messed with a gas grill. Or when we were at Apple bee's an my husband and friend went to go play the game at the bar and came back to find the waitress hitting on me. To this day my husband picks at me about it. If you can't tell I love food. I associate food and memory better then anything else.
out of my family I'm the only one into K-pop. everyone else is into other Asian things. As you can tell bigbang is my ultimate favorite.
if I could date anyone it would be either Rain or Jang Geun Suk. I find them both sexy, fasinating, and around my age. I like someone I can related to in age.
As a waitress I relate with all of these in a major way. Especially when people don't tip and get top of the line service. Well that's it for me I have a long day tomorrow so catch everyone on the flip side. Tagging... . well who ever see's this cause I'm pretty sure just about everyone has seen the love bug challenge.
I'm with you on that , I'm the only one into Kpop in my family too LOL
@CurrySoop LOL they don't hate just not interested , so more like : Me: Annyeonghaseyo <3 Family: Just ignores LOL
#WhenFamilyHatesKorea Me: oh anneyong. Family: *beings knives* @sarangseoltang 😭😭😂 idea which one you are, but nonetheless, it's great meeting you! 💜💚💜💚
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