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Dislike selfies but this is still my favorite!! My name is Jessica (: I just turned 20 this past October going on my first full year of listening to kpop!!!

Dream Crush

Will always be Kwangmin ^_^ I'm really starting to think I have a thing for lips because that's the one thing that will make or break my choices of biases!
Current Status In a relationship going on 5 1/2 years on Christmas :) we were just best friends at first and trouble brewed but we were always there for each other which brought us closer to where we are today :) he either supports or makes fun of me for getting into kpop XP he bought me a SHINee jacket ^_^ but clearly states that I will never have contact with my biases the way I do with him 掳_掳

Most Romantic Story or Memory

I wouldn't say most romantic but if it weren't for John this picture along with many others may never have been taken. We were in "duckies" (canoe-like inflatable) going through rapids when our instructor told us to practice banking (getting into safer waters along the bank that is still) so sure enough we went to the side only to be sucked into another rapid right into a fallen tree sticking out in the river. It was too late even for the "safety boat" to get us. I lost it when I saw the man in charge of the boat standing yelling at us, I still have no clue what he said but at the same time it was a funny sight to see as our chance of rescue rushed by. Well a branch caught hold of my helmet pushing my face into the rushing water and was closing my windpipe at the same time as it got harder to breathe. I couldn't move I saw water getting into the duckie fast and even lost my ore. I went into panic mode to where I couldn't hear my boyfriend telling me what I should do. Sure enough his voice got louder as he is trying to calm me down. Once I finally heard and understood him, I ducked my head so he can remove the branch holding me down. But there were more branches to get through so eventually we freed ourselves with what sounded like a pop as we bursted from the rapid. I ended up finding my ore and caught up with our group not long after. They were impressed with how we handled it but it was all thanks to John. Without him, I don't think I would be here today.

What do you look for in a partner?

Someone cheesy Loves animals! Will go on adventures with ^_^ Who likes to be silly XP and who can be my Knight in shining armor (: well he was the huntsman this past Halloween lol
If @Emealia @thePinkPrincess @B1A4BTS5ever @kpopandkimchi or even @AlloBaber could go the tagging please! I'm on mobile and can't seem to copy the list XP please and thank you! since you tagged me first lol
Ahhh just saw this, I'll tag everyone!! ^.^ You and your boyfriend are sooo adorable together :) he's really cute. That's a crazy story, I'm really glad you're okay!!!
Aww you're relationship is cute! Nice couple!! You're a pretty young lady :D I'm glad that you were freed before anything got worse.
That's an amazing story!!
@RaquelArredondo thank you!! ^_^ and I was glad too! along with my family as well (:
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