Been tagged twice by these lovely ladies @staceyholley @ligaya

1) Moi

∞ My name is Emma but for some reason I get called Jemma or ppl who really know me call me cupcake.. ∞ I live in LA ∞ I love to write but tend to procrastinate ∞ Im _ yrs old (lol I'll leave you to decide since no one ever believes me ∞ I first got into Kpop when I was 13 and was super into BoA

2) Dream Crush/Ultimate Bias/Will probably be the death of me

Jackson Wang ♥♥ Can I just say how perfect he is.. not only is he Gorgeously Hot but his heart is the sweetest plus he's so funny

3) Current Status

Taken: But if Jackson comes looking well I see no ring on this finger lol (just don't tell my bf that)

4) Most Romantic Memory

Hmm He bought me tickets to go see GOT7 (ahh) but unfortunately I couldn't go due to other engagements.. (That still counts right?)

5) Perfect Match

∞ Sexy ∞ Wild ∞ Jackson Wang ∞ Funny ∞ Loving ∞ Loves to eat ∞ Preferably Jackson
@Lizzeh I think he's is more realistic Lol it makes me sad 😢 @InPlainSight
@InPlainSight lol for @PrettieeEmm Jackson Wang lol for me Kyungsoo or BTS. Lol. What about for you? Peanut butter? 😏
@luna1171 I'm sorry I forget some names sometimes.. Nice to meet you too.. haha yeah Jackson is the #1 Bae 😍
@PrettieeEmm .. Oh wow I never saw this you didn't tag me.. Nice to meet you... so you like my baby alot.. huh?
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