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@KpopandKimchi I really do apologize for being really late and breaking a promise. Let me start that I believe Ravi is amazing in his skills of song writing, his dancing, and his rapping skills. He has come a lot way from his Superhero days.
I love how he is with his bandmates, his brothers, his second family and how close he is to each one. His personality is very mixed of swag, determination, kindness, and trueness to his vibe(even if he sleeps when he gets a chance).
His suggestion instead of putting Chained Up on the LR album to have all the members in it and Vixx LR to be born (working very very well with Leo). I'd like to thank him for all he has done for his family, friends, his brothers (Vuxx), and especially for his starlights!
I mean look at him lol. I think I can ship him with anyone in Vixx!!
*cough* Mainly N for Kimchi *cough*