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So, I never did the tag 20 people challenge even though I did tag people for it haha *bonus fact: I'm ALWAYS late for pretty much everything * so I just added it to this challenge lol so here are 20 facts about me lol Selfie
Hello everyone! I'm Courtney 1. I'm 24 2. I love music, anime, k-pop, and k-dramas 3. I am currently a foreign languages major and want to learn Spanish, Korean, and Dutch fluently I also want to know some Japanese and maybe some French, Chinese, or Hindu 4. I still don't know what I want to do in my life and I've changed my major 5 times lol (ugh) 5. if the world were perfect I would be a successful actress and singer and I would write novels lol 6. I have ADHD (pretty sure it's why my life is currently going nowhere ) 7. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd! 8. I am TERRIFIED of flying (and I've flown countless times before lol) 9. I'm currently living in Florida ( and haven't been to Disney since I moved here lol) 10. I want to move to California 11. I've traveled to Europe and South America 12. my dad's side is Black, Cuban, Irish, and Native American 13. I'm a cancer (astrological sign) 14. I am weird and awkward 15. I think a perfect description of my personality is J-hope's goofiness, Suga's laziness, and Jin's awkwardness lol 16. I love lipstick and doing my nails (pictures ) 17. I'm actually not a really girly girl and I mostly prefer hanging with guys 18. I have a "wife" and I am constantly trying to get her into K-pop / dramas. she is still refusing the music, but I got her to watch She Was Pretty, and she really liked it ^.^ muahahaha she will fall eventually lol 19. I hate my job (retail) 20. I do believe in that "fairytale " love that lasts forever lol
Your Dream Guy 1. J-hope (that pic of him biting his lip... idk why that one pic does it to me... but every time I think I die lol ) 2. Suga (Min Yoongi because I need something sweet in my life lol ) 3. Hwang Chansung (my first love ^.^) 4. Dean (Jensen Ackles is super sexy and just look at his eyes!! omg!! but I really love his character, Dean, from Supernatural. he's so tough but has these moments where he is either really goofy or adorably vulnerable or hilariously afraid lol) 5. Ron Weasley (when I was 14 I made my first email account.. ever notice the Grint in my username. .. yup Rupert Grint lol ) 6. Avan Jogia ( I'm not sure how I feel about his personality, but if this man isn't beautiful idk what is lol) 7. Jace Wayland ((not J.C.B) because Jace is awesome! I'm sad they won't be doing anymore movies :( ) 8. Kakashi ( don't ask me why, but always had a thing for him lol) Bonus!! crushes: Amber Liu and Michelle Rodriguez because ... just Yaaasssss
Status I just can't decide which one from the previous list listing am going to marry... I've actually only ever been in 1 relationship before lol (he was a jerk that cheated on me) so I feel like I'm not going to settle anymore and I feel like I've gotten all of the bad relationship problems out of the way with one guy, so hopefully something really good is in store for my future lol.
Romantic Memory : I had a very big crush on my classmate my freshman year of high school. One day I was sick with a fever and I was feeling weak and dizzy and asked to go to the bathroom. it was on the other side of the hallway, and he walked with me just to make sure I was ok. and on the way he told me I needed a hug. I protested because I was sick but he said he didn't care. He was always doing sweet things for me but I think this time meant the most. he was in love with this other girl, unfortunately , so all of these sweet things were just him being very kind to me. He is someone I will never forget.
My Ideal Guy : (BTW if you build your own man like in the second pic comment what you chose lol ) 1. Someone with a good sense of humor 2. Someone who loves me for me but also encourages me to be better 3. Someone I can grow with (and who wants to grow with me ) 4. Someone kind 5. Someone with humility 6. Someone who can make me laugh because humor is so important to me 7. Someone who loves music 8. Someone who isn't judgemental 9. Someone active/ athletic (hopefully doesn't mind dancing but them dancing isn't a must lol ) 10. and finally Someone who isn't afraid to try new things
Well hope you enjoyed learning about me. please do one and tag me in it!!!
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@nicolejb oh so he's ready to get down to business? to defeat the Huns? lol
Duuuude! *fist bump* Dean, Avan, Chansung, AND Kakashi... And Michelle Rodriguez. Lol our tastes are very similar. πŸ’œ I can't get the Mulan song out of my head now. Lol I like to do my nails a lot, too. :)
Hey, I'm also always late too haha!! πŸ˜… Thanks for tagging and be looking forward to mine later on today or tomorrow.
@ButterflyBlu I could have sworn I replied to you lol you have to tag me in your card! it's awesome we have so much in common ^.^
@AnnahiZaragoza haha finally someone else like me lol. great! can't wait to see it :)