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@KokoroNoTakara tagged me to make a wish list of guys I would want Santa to bring me. This is is pretty simple and I'm not sharing my men!

I have a combination of kpop men and marvel chracters.

Princess Jessamine has spoken! LOL

Directions 1. Make a wish list for Santa listing the main men you would want for being good this year lol. 2. Tag me so I can see it 3. Challenge others...tag others 4. Be as creative as you like! 5. Have fun!

Be Warned there is some I guess colorful language and strong sarcasm.

Hahahaha hahaha exactly!


Big Bang has been off doing their own thing. But I'm always a VIP first since they really took my Kpop innocence lol. Ahhhhh it was amazing guys! I love me some GD! He's cute, sexy, fashionable, and talented!


What can I say.....Yass I want him no shirt on please. He's the definition of sexiness with a cute bow! That voice is to die for!


Yasss let's travel to BTS world! Namjoon is my first bias from BTS. He's super smart, funny, and sexy. When he raps I swear my body and mind goes through it. IDGF what anyone says!


Yass boo! I love him so much! He's sexy but act like he doesn't know it. It's like he loves playing mind tricks trying be innocent but turns around pumping that pelvic. Plus he got booty for days! When I hear him sing....I can't


I want this THOR! Who wouldn't want a god super hero? He's so funny and sexy in his Thor way.
I don't care what anyone says....I would have all their babies! LOL

Don't come on my card saying "Oh Jimin, Nanjoon, GD, Thor, YB is mine!" The princess has spoken! This my list! LOL

Yeah couple more than 3 XD that's okay! Excellent choices! Youngbae, yuuuus.
Thor is awesome just saying
Lol I wish you much success. If you disappear on Christmas morning we'll all know why XD
I'm all about the Thor, yup the Thor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ merry Christmas @amobigbang