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Gotta love all the colors in this picture! But I wish I could tell if he does or doesn't have his arm in this picture. So I don't have much to say about this card but if you love the show Inuyasha or Sesshomaru give that like heart a tap and I will see you in the next card!
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Awesome! I'm planning to post 2 or three chapters on Christmas Eve for a Christmas present to my readers. As of right now though, there are 5 chapters. (I'm currently typing on a version of chapter ten. I say version because some of my previous chapters have to be broken up before I post it on
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For example, chapter 5 is only the fist part of my version of chapter 4. ^_^
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@TiffanyWallace Sounds like a ton of work you have to do! But I will definitely read it as soon my browser is done being an asshole. So I wish you luck on your chapters! Also if you want I can share your story on my accounts in other websites if you want try to get as many readers as possible.
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That would be awesome! You are the best 馃槃
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