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JOJ airs every Monday and Tuesday hehe at 10 p.m on SBS. On last ep, the crown prince LS picks up her crown prince who is daughter of second power, not the first power. Wow.... but their love line is still slight !! I wanna more and more stronger love line ! Are you ready everyone? In the funeral of her mother... IH has a concern... Her father, Min dagam persuades her to become a royal concubine...wow but she still doesn't give up becoming the queen. IH: father..the place of queen has to be sacred...it won't happen with blood because of me... and if I really desire to become a queen...it will happen in the future. In the wedding night ^.^ LS and his queen. (Oh so embarrassed...) (Everyone do you know that? In joeseon society, court ladies are hearing what happens in the room in front of the palace and even they orders what is the next step how to do it..) All of the sudden, the servant hurries ... The servant : The king is in critical, you have to be hurry. In front of the room, most of servants expect Min dagam will be a servant who hears the last will from the king. But Hugak dagam will be the servant contrary to their expectation. Anyway the king passed away. LS prepares to defeat Min dagam's power. In his wedding with the queen IK. LS's mother gets angry about his act that pick up the other queen who she doesn't like. Before OK entering son in law of JH because of the promise with JH, she prepares her mother's clothes. When she drops by her mother's workplace, her mother is beaten from others.... because she is found to enter dagam's room. After the punishment, OJ comforts her that please take care yourself mother. OJ: i will never let you be alone....please my mother. In the Min dagam's house, the servants who are his side are waiting him to come back the palace and work again... because due to the king's will, Min dagam is kicked off from the palace. Hugak dagam requires LS to get higher position. Huh LS feels embarrassed that even if they change the donation of rule, the servants still same.... they just require high position...and they don't care much about the people in the country.... The mother of LS calls fortune teller to see the destiny of the crown princess. After staring at her face, the fortune teller delivers that the crown princess will be changed. and the court lady who is opposite of you...make the big blood brows here!! When she heard this, she expelled court ladies who is the grand queen's side. In the war of nerves with the queen and the grand queen, grand queen feels disappointed because she never gives a birth but the queen already has a son. The grand queen deicides to bring up a court lady and she is searching for the proper lady... (Maybe she can be a OJ) In the hurting ground, the people from JH's side attack the king, LS. (BE CAREFUL LS!) OJ hires the people who helps her mother escape from her work place. When they escape, they found someone who is lying in the stone...!!!! he is LS...!!! What a coincidence haha.. JH realizes that OJ escapes with her mother. He is asked that look in every ships going to other countries. Still, the people from the palace including DIH are searching for the king in every mountains. At that time, the son in law of JH faces with DIH. He looks whose side is he on. In the conferencce with JH, they decided to attack the palace after two days if at that time the king LS still doesn't appear to the front. LS and OJ. LS: Why don't you ask me that in the past why I didn't make the promise and who am I? OJ: You might have a good reason....i understand. People now are finding where they are. LS asks her to go together with him but she denies it ... OJ: Now....i can't....tomorrow i have to leave here with my mother...but someday....if we go back Joeseon again....then where could I go to meet you...? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish !!!! Oh tomorrow I think OJ enters the traditional palace as a court lady !!!!!!! really expecting !!!!!!! If you have words or phrases that you don't understand. please comment behind ^.^ You can write everything like thank you so much !!!!! hehe
and OJ is the lowest level in this society..
@dudrud4464 oh! asslamu allikum hehe my major is arabic! Anyway the joeseon society means actually it is period in the past. The particular thing is that there was a caste system at that time..
متي يجي هدا المسلسل Thanks. i'm interested in this drama...but I don't know what it means..Joeseon? is it right?