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So I'm still pretty New to the BTS world but I bought their new Album to try them out and so far I love this.. I already have my bias.. Its Jeon Jung Kook aka Kookie. I loved his cover of "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine.. That's kinda what lead me to Finally listen to BTS foreal I've heard a couple songs thru my best friend..
Here's the Lost Stars Cover Kookie Sings in English..
Now back to Butterfly.. I love this song.. Once again it showcases Kookies sweet voice and I can listen to it over and over again.. If you haven't heard the full album I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. you won't be disappointed. I PROMISE. Even of your not a BTS Dan it's worth a listen.
@KpopQueenaBee I was kidding about not regretting it you'll regret it but thwn you'll see them smile and you'll say oh God I love them so much
Jungkook's Lost Stars cover is AMAZING~ >~< AND WELCOME TO THE CRAZY FANDOM ARMY 😂😂 oh God you won't regret it
@sarangseoltang @tayunnie thanks for the warm welcome to army.. 🙌🙋
LOL You have just entered a fandom that is gonna immpossible to escape LOL BUT YESSSSSSS BUTTERFLY IS JUST TOO GOOD , IT BRINGS THE FEELS XD